Merced Group

Merced Group is a social business consulting firm helping companies bring social, collaborative and digital technologies and processes to their organization to foster a more empowered, engaged workforce, enable major business improvements, and thrive in a more globally connected world.

Business challenges we've helped our clients address include preparing for the emerging workplace, building a culture of collaboration, optimizing new social practice for streamlined operations, connected leadership development, business and operating model shifts and transitions.

Social business practices and collaborative technologies empower employees to transform the way they work, interact and engage, helps companies connect more powerfully with partners, catalyzes innovation and creates better customer experience and engagement - in essence redesigns the way business is done. 


 How We Can Help You ( See more about our services)

The power of social and collaborative technologies such as enterprise social networking platforms are their flexibility and adaptability to widely varying business processes and workpractices - company communications, customer service and support, marketing, cross-discipline team work and core management process.  Social business tools and practice can increase the reach and rapidity of knowledge sharing, increase access to expertise, accelerate and globalize work processes, streamline key operations and drive innovation potential to all levels of the organization.  

This places new challenges for enterprise organizational effectiveness - requiring not only successful rollout of technology, but new approaches to governance, work structures and behaviors, integrated processes, measurement and organizational readiness

 We can help you implement and sustain new business value and operational excellence through:

  • Building and adapting to a culture of collaboration and innovation
  • Developing the business case for social business and collaboration
  • Optimizing social business and web-workplace capabilities
  • Designing and implementing effective projects, programs and initiatives
  • Integrating effective social business and collaboration practice across your organization.