Merced Group

Merced Group is a social business consulting firm helping companies bring social, collaborative and digital technologies and processes to their organization to foster a more empowered, engaged workforce, enable major business improvements, and thrive in a more globally connected world.

Business challenges we've helped our clients address include preparing for the emerging workplace, building a culture of collaboration, optimizing new social practice for streamlined operations, connected leadership development, business and operating model shifts and transitions.

Our Work

The Merced team has extensive experience in a wide variety of initiatives across multiple industries. Here are a few examples that relate to our current service offerings. They include: 
  • High Tech Company: Online Community for Executive Engagement
  • Logistics Firm: Enterprise Collaboration
  • Retail Consumer Goods Chain: Enterprise Collaboration
  • Financial Services Firm: Product Marketing
  • Several Small to Mid-size Tech Firms: Social Media Marketing

High Tech Firm: Online Community for Executive Engagement

Developed the community strategy and managed the ongoing program of a strategic, global corporate social responsibility initiative that engaged a select executive management clientele in the education sector. The online community program ( provided education leaders a collaboration environment to advance 21st century innovation and transformation in education.  The user experience was designed to engage an adult, professional audience to support peer-to-peer dialogue, sharing and rating of content, posting of unique case studies, and participation in live, online events - webinars and videocasts.

Community program management actively stewarded original content and programs with education leaders (luminary blogs, live office hours with experts, webinars, virtual roundtables), curated timely education content from around the world and enlisted a leadership constituency via major social media channels.  The community was engaged through regular e-newsletter and social media outreach, and marketed through online education and event venues.    The community received 2011 Computerworld Honors Laureate award in the collaboration category.    Read more about online community for executive engagement -- Leadership Collaboration-Fostering Sustained Dialogue and Connectivity


Logistics Firm: Enterprise Collaboration

Major logistics firm was transitioning from renting vehicles to offering complex supply chain consulting and systems. Designed and implemented a comprehensive collaboration platform that enabled the sales and sales support organizations to successfully handle the move to more complex sales and support processes. Components included online collaborative workspaces for individual teams, central content management system, and instant messaging system.  

Employees could not only find useful relevant documents but also access the complete collaborative process that led to document creation to understand the context and better learn from and make use of past efforts. System was featured in over 20 industry publications and won a CIO Magazine 100 award for innovation. 


Retail Consumer Goods Chain: Enterprise Collaboration

Major UK retail chain was looking to compete on product innovation in a challenging market. It needed to simplify and document the product development process, break down silos across the organization to obtain greater involvement in product creation from customers and stores, and avoid repeating past mistakes.  Served as strategic advisor to program that defined, implemented, and supported a new customer-centric product creation process.

It allowed for enterprise-wide collaboration in new product development and included an enterprise content management system with personalization at the functional and individual level and robust search capabilities allowing for a single source for all product related information.  An Ideas Bank was added to avoid repetition and learn from past efforts. Outcomes included reduced time to market and increased success for new products. 


Financial Services:  Product Marketing

Startup FX trading firm’s varied SaaS offerings had been developed but needed clarity of product positioning to the market of FX trading players -- leading investment banks, global banking firms, hedge funds and liquidity providers.   Developed clear product positioning, product definiton and value proposition for suite of currency trading solutions.

Using these differentiated product messages, then created sales tools and redesigned corporate website with a crisp new feel and a structure that mapped to market needs of customers, engaging them with productive calls to action for lead generation, including a free mobile FX app download.


Several Small to Mid-size Tech Firms: Social Media Marketing

Mid-size tech firm wanted to expand its social media presence and gain more exposure in new markets. Managed their blog and Twitter efforts. Engaged and supported numerous employees in writing original blog content, many for first time, based on their client and field experiences. Aligned blog content with marketing strategy. Provided occasional bylined market perspective posts. Blog readership quickly jumped over seven fold. Twitter followers doubled while moving to a positive follower/following ratio.

Startup tech firm wanted to achieve industry recognition through social media on minimal budget. The firm gained significant exposure through blog and Twitter efforts, leading to a number of industry awards for most promising new software and as a trend setter, as well as being named on several industry lists for firms that matter. Social media efforts led to acquisition of new clients.  Also helped over thirty other firms and individuals get off to a right start with their blogging.